Watercolor on paper, 80cm x110cm, Available

In the large format watercolor series, Linescapes, Bori investigates different perspectives and focal points of an internal / external landscape. The images disintegrate and coalesce depending upon one’s viewing angle and distance from the image — a physical, mental and emotional exercise of angling.

Bori uses continuous and interrupted horizontal lines in the manner of Nineteenth Century steel engravings. She transmutes the rigid and forceful lines of this method with calligraphic strokes that reveal integrity, harmony, and rhythm. This creative process is a form of mindfulness practice that seeks to transforms deeply engrained transgenerational inheritances into a calm, light-filled space of resolution.

Another feature of this series are the integrated flaws. Embracing imperfections as a physical expression of the spirit of the moment, accidental strokes are let be or emphasized as a feature of the image.

Linescapes sees Bori continue her quest to reshape perceived realities through creative practice — producing compelling expressions from detached faraway views, through to dramatic close ups, and serene side sites, with powerful color strokes evoking underlying emotions.

The earthy colors of the series originate from watercolors made by Bori using plants, minerals, and earth pigments. 

There are signed and numbered Limited Edition Giclee prints of this artwork available at different sizes. The original artwork has been scanned using the latest technology large format fine art scanner and printed with large format inkjet printer assuring the highest level of longetivity, fade-resistance, and quality that makes it difficult to distinguish the print from the original artwork.

For enquieries on the Original Artwork and the Limited Edition Giclee prints please contact Bori at