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The Giclée Art Print is a new and contemporary method of printing that meets the highest requirements of artists, museums and art collectors. This ranks the Giclée Art Print with the more common, traditional graphic techniques such as etching, serigraphy and stone lithography. Many self-publishing artists, photographers, collectors and galleries use Giclée printing to create fine art, canvas or photographic prints from their original digital files or artwork. 

Produced with the most modern techniques, Giclée prints are the highest quality prints, used by artists to make individual or low-run reproductions of original two-dimensional artwork, photographs, computer graphics or computer generated imagery. Giclée inkjet printing is a cooperation of the artist and the printmaker, which allows the artist to control every part of the printmaking process.

True Giclée prints are produced with a very high resolution (1200dpi minimal to 2400 dpi) and are printed with precious archival inks on acid-free materials. The canvas and papers have been provided with a layer (coating), which ensures that the inks will not degrade.




A Giclée art print's key authenticating element is the artist's own handwritten signature, similar to all painted or drawn arts. Numbering each copy of an edition is also very important.

Printed art can be a single copy, limited or unlimited edition.

A set of similar prints can be considered as a limited edition, if the following aspects are identical for each copy:

• Name of the artist

• Title of the art

• Size of the art

• Base material the art is printed on (type of paper, canvas, etc.)

• Number of copies in the edition (the number of artists copies marked AC are mentioned sometimes)




Giclée takes the printing art to a new level by offering a wide choice of quality substrates: from canvas for portrait and fine art photographers to smooth archival 100% pure cotton papers for black and white images with hundreds of permutations in between.

Papers such as the Platinum Baryta and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag represent the pinnacle of current Giclée printing and equal or surpass conventional photo printing.

Buyers, either casual customers or dedicated collectors, immediately recognize the beauty and intrinsic value of a well crafted print on an archival substrate.




We are happy to make suggestions on the type of frame we think is most suitable for a purchased artwork, the material, colour and dimensions of the frame or in the case when we find it is more suitable not to use a frame, we indicate the type of plexi-glass and mounting you could use for the specific work of art. In most cases we can provide photographs of the advised framing type. 

This service is cost free. However, we do not taking responsibility for the end result or the quality of its execution.