Bori BenkŐ



Bori started her training in fine arts at the age of 13, eventually graduating with a Masters Degree in Maurer Dora's Painting class at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.

In her 25 years of art practice Bori has explored many art forms — printing and painting technics, photography and film. She has created kinetic installations, site-specific artworks, and public art, exhibiting her works widely around Europe, South America and Asia.

During the past decade, she has spent several years researching natural dying techniques in Indonesia, developing her own dyes and paints from plant and mineral extracts. 

Across the wide span of practice and media, Bori's art has always been an instrument of introspection and creative transformation. 

Examining experiences of transgenerational trauma and resolution her world is one of contemplation on the correlations between the self, art and nature. 

For enquiries on her Original Artworks and Limited Edition Giclee Prints please contact Bori via email