Bori BenkŐ

For over two decades I have explored many art forms and technics of printing and painting, photography and film.

I’ve created kinetic installations, site-specific artworks and public art, exhibiting in Europe and Asia. My travels have taken me around the world, which is reflected in the techniques, mediums and motives of my works.

In recent years I accomplished a childhood dream to create and wear my own cloth, using hand woven threads and organic dyes I made myself from plant and mineral extracts.

This textural experience led me to create limited edition clothes, accessories and homewares. The motives of my artworks travelled onto bags, dresses, cushions and homewares – to become alive in use.

I am living and discovering with my family the inspiring nature around and within in my adopted Western Australia.

Enjoy and be inspired by the visual poetry of my art!

For enquiries concerning artworks please contact me on my email.